Best Bosch Dishwasher for Wine Glasses Reviewed

Let’s face it. Washing your stemware especially wine glasses can be a bit of pain to set up in your dishwasher. How many times have you closed the rack only to find the stem of your wine glass ripped off? Most people have just resorted to washing by hand to avoid this issue. If you want to have problem free wine glass washing, Bosch dishwashers are the answer. The following will review the Bosch lineup so you can choose which one is best for you – and your wine glasses.

Dishwasher Racks

What’s great about the Bosch lineup is that the racks are adjustable. Meaning, you can adjust the upper rack to suit the height of your wine glasses. Now that is a god send if you ask me. No more worrying about destroying your prized wine glasses. This also applies to all stem ware as well.

The racks on the Bosch are all smooth gliding, due to high quality wheel bearings on the racks. What’s great is that the racks can be customized. For example you can have a row set up specifically for just bowls, so that you can cram in as many as possible then use the other space for other dishes.

No More Water Leaks

Have you ever had a leak from your dishwasher which caused a huge mess on your floor, let alone cause some damage to your home? What’s great with Bosch dishwashers is that they have a system called Aqua-Lock. With sensors that sit near the bottom of the machine, if a leak is detected it will automatically turn off the washer. Bosch dishwashers are built so well that this will probably never happen, but the engineers put this safeguard in just to make sure that you won’t have any damage to your home in the unlikely event of a leak.

Drying Your Wine Glasses & Dishes
No more spots on your dishes! With the built in technology that Bosch uses, fighting water spots is something that these dishwashers do quite well. It’s almost a guarantee that your dishes will end up looking spotless, whether it is the quick cycle or heavy duty cycle.

Along with a great washing experience, these models are also very energy efficient. They say up to a 30% savings in energy is quite common by upgrading to a Bosch. Along with energy saving comes water saving too, as the machines use much less water than their competition.

If you’re looking to get a dishwasher that is efficient and also cleans your wine glasses and other dishes well, check out this review of Bosch dishwashers found online. There are many models ranging from the 300, 500 and 800 series, so check out which one works best for you.