Alta Maria Vineyards

Alta Maria Vineyards

James Ontiveros and Paul Wilkins have been everywhere – done everything – but all roads lead to here.  As a couple of kids in college, they bonded over an unlikely interest in wine.  Interest grew into obsession and obsession became career: one as a viticulturist and one as a winemaker.  They worked long hours and made sacrifices to become veterans in their fields, even at a young age.  They moved away, lost touch, and many years passed.But over time, each was drawn to a region of quiet treasure: the Santa Maria Valley.  A vineyard on a hill was the setting for the second intersection of these two friends’ lives; and this time, they were prepared to make the wine that was waiting for them all along: Alta Maria Vineyards.  Their shared affinity for all things homespun and honest reflects the unflappable authenticity of the Santa Maria Valley, it’s refusal to acknowledge the whims of the masses, and the unheralded excellence of its climate, geography and soils.

The artwork for Alta Maria Vineyards features hand-hewn iron nails used by homesteaders in Santa Maria before the Industrial Revolution introduced mass-produced, machine-cut nails.  Despite its lowly function, each nail is unique from the next according to the conditions in which it was made and the expertise of the craftsman.

  • Los Olivos Tasting Room
  • 2933 Grand Avenue, Suite A
  • Los Olivos, CA 93441
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